The Struggle is Real…

Today I sent out my first newsletter to my small (but growing) email list.  I am going to start emailing fairly regularly and you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to do so (see the ‘build passive income online’ subscribe box on the bottom of the page).  I am going to be posting the emails here in the blog as well.  Without further ado, here’s my first email!

Real the Struggle Is

First of all, let me thank you deeply for being one of the first subscribers to my newsletter.

I appreciate you for following my journey and I hope I can help you on your own!

I’m not sure how often I’m going to be emailing you, but I promise when I do to hopefully keep it interesting.

That said, real the struggle is

If you read my January Income Report you saw that I had intended to publish 84,000 words in February, or 3000 per day.

So, as of today I should be at 30,000 words for the month.

Well, I am at 9,562 words. Only 7 articles published 🙁

I have lots of excuses. Family, work, chasing too many frogs…

But the real reason is that I have actually been making some BIG moves this month.

I have spent more money this month on content than I did in all of last year.

I’m excited to say that I am in escrow on a pretty big site. I am also having a new site being built.

All in all, it’s costing me nearly $25,000.

Just to keep things in perspective, that’s more money than I made in net profit from my sites last year.

I’m going to make at least one of these sites a public case study so stay tuned!

Thanks again for following along. I just wanted to check in because some of you signed up a few weeks ago and haven’t received an update from me.

I would love to hear back from you on how things are going with your own content goals.

Send me an email and let me know!

Until next time, aloha!!



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