Join the Niche Website Content Challenge Facebook Group!

When I first started thinking of publishing one million words online, I knew I wanted to share my journey.

In the sharing of the journey, I knew there would be accountability.

After all, I can’t just put something out into the world and not follow through on it right?

Not only that, but I wanted to inspire others to embark on their own publishing journeys!

If I could publish a million words but also inspire others to publish more, then that would be truly awesome.

Introducing the Niche Website Content Challenge Facebook Group!

It took me a few months to get together, but I’m happy to announce that I have launched a Niche Website Content Challenge Facebook Group.

It took me awhile to decide on a platform for the group, but I ended up landing on Facebook. I already spend time on Facebook and might as well make that time a bit more productive!

Plans for the Group…

Here’s the short group description I wrote:

This is a group for niche website entrepreneurs who want to accomplish more! If you have big publishing goals and are looking for accountability and support this is the group to join

My hope is to possibly do some Facebook live trainings and learning modules.  For now it will just be a support and accountability group.

Why YOU Should Join

Whether you are an established website entrepreneur or just getting started, this journey is not easy.

Having a support group of like-minded individuals to answer questions you have, provide encouragement and be there for you could be huge.

This group will hopefully give you that encouragement, help and accountability to truly succeed online.

What are you waiting for? Join the group here.




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