January 2021 Income and Publishing Report

Aloha all! In the spirt of transparency and accountability I have decided to publish a monthly income and publishing report!  By doing so, I hope it will keep me motivated and perhaps even motivate some of you who read this.

A Quick 2020 Niche Website Income Report

First of all, you should know that I am not starting from scratch.  Please take a look at my YouTube Channel where I have a handful of income reports published already for last year’s earnings.

This particular video shows my overall earnings from 2020.

In total, I earned $33,435.11 from my portfolio of websites.  In terms of expenses, I spent $10,156.02. Most of this went to paying writers and paying for hosting.  There was a wide range of other smaller expenses.

That said, my net income for 2020 from my websites was $23, 279.09.

That breaks down to an average of $1939.92 / per month that I earned on my sites.

This is just pretty much a wild estimate, but I would guess I spent somewhere around 20 hours per month working on my website business.  If I were to break that down to an hourly rate,  it comes out at $97 per hour.

In hourly terms, that’s definitely more than I make at my day job!

Website Asset Valuation – Significant Growth in 2020!

I think it’s important to look beyond just earnings and factor in the growth of the value of your websites as well.  As a real estate appraiser, I guess this is just how I think about things.

At the beginning of 2020, I had just one site with any kind of value.  At the time, I was netting roughly $800 per month.  An average sales multiple is 30x the average monthly net income.  So, the site was probably worth around $24,000.

In the last 6 months 2020 that same site netted an average of around $3,000 per month.  So, in theory, that site alone at the end of 2020 was worth around $90,000.

So, just in terms of value, I gained over $66,000 of value on that site in 2020.

A Growing Portfolio

I also built or acquired 4 other websites in 2020.  Two of the sites are basically worthless (make no money).  The third of these is worth around $3000, and the one I acquired in November for $1755 I believe is now worth at least $7, 000. (Watch this video for the story on that one or see “site 2” below.)

So, in terms of my total web assets at the end of 2020, I would estimate that my portfolio is worth upwards of $100,000+ ($90,000 + $3,000 + $7,000).

Personally, I believe if I were to liquidate the sites I would get a higher multiple, closer to 35x monthly net earnings.  In that case my portfolio would be worth somewhere in the $110,000 range.

That’s a lot more exciting to me than just the $23,000 I netted in income from the sites!

If you add the income that I made to the growth in value of the sites, I have basically earned and/or added to my net worth upwards of $72,000!

The math on this is: Value of my portfolio now ($96,000) + 2020 Net Earnings ($23,000) – value of my portfolio at the beginning of the year ($24,000), so 96,000 + 23000 – 24000 = $95,000.

Anyway, this is not supposed to be exact math. At the end of the day I basically earned and/or grew the value of my assets by around $100,000!

Compelling stuff, right?!

If you are interested in website valuations, I recommend checking out this recent article / case study analysis on empireflippers.com.

Let’s Now Talk About January 2021

My YouTube Report

Summary Table  of Earnings and Traffic

Site 1
Site 224,642$223.81
Site 3678$97.85
Site 4443$0.35
Site 5386$0

Breakdown – Income and Expenses

January was a relatively decent month.  In terms of earnings it was just about exactly average relative to my last 6 months average.  In total, I earned a gross total of $3,081.96.

In future reports I will try to include a expense table but for simplicity’s sake, I will just tell you that my expenses came out at $649.80

My main expenses were:

  • Writers (Upwork)
  • Aweber (Newsletter service)
  • Canva Pro (Stock Images / Image Editing)

I did not include hosting in expenses this month because I included prepaid hosting in my annual expense for last year.

One important thing to note is that writers are usually not included as expenses when selling a site.

Total Net Profit = $2432.16

Traffic / Analytics

Across all of my sites I generated a total of 47, 049 pageviews in the month of January.

Site 1  20,610 Pageviews

This is my “main” site in that it earns me the majority of my income.  It’s a site in the education / technology /personal finance space.  Compared to last January traffic is up over 127%.

January 2021 Blog Earnings - Site 1


Besides a decent month on Amazon Associates, this was a particular good month promoting advertisers on FlexOffers. IF you are not yet on FlexOffers, I highly recommend signing up.  Just about every advertiser is there and affiliate support is awesome.

January 2021 Earnings Report - FlexOffers

Site 2 – 24,642 Pageviews

This is the site previously owned by Jon Dykstra that I purchased from Motion Invest. If you look at the chart the beginning of 2020 until now you can understand why I am super excited about this one.  The site skyrocketed a few days after I purchased it (Black Friday).

While the traffic has basically tripled since I bought the site, I feel the site is under-monetized.  Currently it only earns via AdThrive.  In January, it earned $223.81.

January 2021 - Adthrive Earnings

So, a big goal of mine is to increase the earnings on this one.

Site 3 – 678 Pageviews

This is a ‘micro-niche’ site in the educational technology space.  I launched it in August of 2020 and it is looking promising. From only 678 pageviews this site earned me nearly$100 on Amazon Associates.

Site 4 – 443 Pageviews

This particular site tanked after the December Google Core update. It made a whopping 0.35 in January!  I’m really not sure what to do with this one as it’s going to take a lot of effort and time to recuperate and the potential reward is minimal 🙁

Amazon Associates Earnings - Site 4

Site 5 – 386 Pageviews

I haven’t done anything with this site for a long time.  My original plans were to use this site to generate leads for a personal finance company.  That company no longer pays for leads after COVID 🙁  I’ll try and add some more content and monetize with ads.

Site 6 (BeauMueller.com) – 290 Pageviews

I’m including this site in here as I just launched and is obviously part of my portfolio.

Articles Published / Total Word Count

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve set a super ambitious goal of publishing one million words this year.  To be able to do that, I need to average  83,333 words per month.

To make the math simple, I rounded it up to 3000 words per day that I am aiming to publish.

Here are my publishing numbers for January:

New Articles Published – 79

Articles Updated – 24

Total Word Count – 90,121!

Word Count Progress – 90,121 / 1,000,000

The only content that I personally wrote was the content for this site (about 5000 words).   The rest of the articles were all outsourced via Upwork at an average cost of under .02c per word.

If you are interested in learning how I do that, stay tuned!  I will very likely be publishing a blog as well as a video or two on how I hire and retain awesome writers at a very low cost.


In a lot of ways this was a truly breakthrough month.  I proved to myself that with a bit of hustle I can publish a ton of content. I’m confident that I can continue at this pace and reach my million word goal.

It will be good to have all of my websites in one place.  With domains and hosts all over the place, things are just way too piece meal.  Stressful too! Time to consolidate.

Major Goals For February

  • Publish 84,000 words (average 3,000 per day).
  • Launch a new site on an ‘aged’ domain – I’m excited to share that I’m working with NicheWebsite.builders on another site that I hope to turn in to an authority site.  It’s in an ‘evergreen’ niche.  The catalyst for building this site was that I received an offer of around $2,000 to purchase this site.  My wife suggested rather than sell it we build it out. I listened to her, haha.
  • Optimize a site purchase that I am in Escrow on.  More on this soon!
  • Consolidate / minimize my expenses.
  • Consolidate my hosting providers.  I am switching all of my sites over to wpx.net as I have heard only good things about them.

Goals For The Rest of 2021

Besides publishing at least one million new words online, my goals are to:

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I hope you found this report interesting.  If you have any feedback  on how I could make this better, shoot me an email at wavesandwebsites@gmail.com.

Mahalo for reading!


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