The Best Affiliate Network for 2021 and Beyond

If you are looking to make money online with affiliate marketing there are dozens of affiliate networks you can join. Truly, there are so many networks that it can be hard to decide on a marketplace to join and/or focus on. I have personally tried and earned from a bunch of these networks including Commission Junction, ShareASalePepperJam and many more.   So, what is the best affiliate network in 2021?

The best affiliate network in 2021 for beginners and experts alike is FlexOffers.  Some of the many benefits of FlexOffers include:

  • 12,000+ merchants 
  • Promote CPS, CPA and CPL offers
  • Exceptional affiliate support
  • Straightforward dashboard and reporting
  • Refer Others and Earn Revenue Share!

Before I dive in to some of these many benefits, let me share with you my personal experience with the FlexOffers affiliate network, including both pros and cons.

*Please note that I am a FlexOffers affiliate and should you signup to the network I may receive a commission.  That said, I truly love the FlexOffers network and cannot recommend it highly enough.

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My Experience with FlexOffers

I first signed up for FlexOffers in 2018 because it had a particular program I was interested in joining.  I had applied to the same program on a different network and was automatically rejected. At the time, my site I was hoping to get approved for had minimal traffic and only a bit of content.

That said, getting rejected was understandable.

When applying on FlexOffers for that program I was not automatically rejected despite being new.  After applying, I actually reached out directly to the program’s affiliate manager.

That did the trick and I was accepted to the program on FlexOffers!

I went on to make over $10,000 with that affiliate program from late 2018 through early 2020.  Unfortunately that program shut down in April of 2020 because of COVID.  However, I have since diversified and am now an affiliate for nearly 100 companies on the network!

Over 12,000 Merchants To Choose From

FlexOffers Review - Sample Advertisers

Possibly the biggest draw to FlexOffers is that just about anything you want to promote is going to be on the FlexOffers Marketplace.  As of the time of the writing there is well over 12,000 individual affiliate programs on the network!

Regardless of your niche, my guess is that you will be able to find a wide selection of advertisers to promote.  They also add a handful of advertisers every week.

Finding advertisers is quite easy on the platform.  You can search and sort by such options as:

  • Category
  • Country
  • Advertiser Name
  • Data Feeds
  • Type of Offer…

Promote CPS, CPA and CPL Offers

FlexOffers extremely competitive commission rates on affiliate products. You are not limited to promoting only programs that pay you when a sale is made (CPS offers).  You can also promote CPA (cost-per-acquisition) offers where you are paid whenever someone takes a certain action – such as a a set amount per registration or subscription.

Another option is promoting CPL (cost-per-lead) offers.  Going back to the program that brought me to FlexOffers, I was paid up to $76 per lead that I sent that company.

Yes, these types of lead generation offers can be extremely lucrative! Here is a screenshot of some of the CPL offers available to promote:

FlexOffers - CPL Examples

Exceptional Affiliate Support

I am extremely impressed with FlexOffers’ customer support. If I have had an issue or questions they have responded promptly.

I was contacted by an affiliate manager after I started making a fair amount of sales.  She has been easy to work with and has been a great resource for me.  For example, by suggesting affiliate programs that might be good for my sites and getting me fast-track approval on others.  She’s also helped me get approved for programs that I was initially rejected for.

ZenDesk Customer  Support Hub

In the beginning you will likely not have a point of contact like I do.  Lucky for you, FlexOffers recently upgraded to a Zendesk based support system where you can search for answers to your questions.  Most of your questions should find answers there but if you still have questions there is a customer support email.  If you reach out to them via email you can usually expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

Straightforward and Actionable Reporting

FlexOffers Reporting

FlexOffers offers robust reporting options. You can filter by category, advertiser, product, or campaign. Check your clicks, earnings per click (EPC), conversion rates, etc. with a variety of detailed graphs and charts.

For me, it took awhile to wrap my head around all of the different reporting options.  However, once I got over the learning curve I really started to geek out on them.  Like all of my other metrics online I now check the reports way too often!

One of the Few Cons…

Really, I have had only one issue with FlexOffers since I have been an active affiliate on their network.  At times, the reporting has been a bit wonky. There has been a number of delays in reporting clicks and sales, which has been frustrating at times. However, this has happened only a few times, and they are usually quick to resolve any issues.

Refer Others and Earn Revenue Share!

FlexOffers has a compelling 2 tier referral program called “FlexRev-$hare”.  Basically, if you refer others to the FlexOffers network you will earn revenue share based on your referral’s commission earnings.  You can earn up to 50% of the profit FlexOffers earns from your referral!  This graphic explains the program quite well:

FlexOffers Revenue Share - FlexRev$hare

How Do You Get Paid

Currently you can receive payment by a variety of methods including bank transfer, wire transfer, check and PayPal.

There is a $25 payment threshold and there are some payout fees:

  • A direct bank transfer costs$1
  • If you request a check, it costs $3
  • An international transfer costs $5

Should you want a wire transfer you need to hit a $1000 threshold.

FlexOffers is on a net 60 payment timeline.  For example, your January earnings will usually be paid in the first week of April.

Sign up for FlexOffers Now

If you are not yet on FlexOffers, you should definitely give it a try!  The sign up process is pretty painless.  Basically, you will need to:

  • Enter basic info about you / your company /your website
  • Complete registration by logging in
  • Tell them where you plan to put your affiliate links and banners.
  • Let them know what your traffic sources are (IE, your website, ads, email, social media, etc.)
  • Finally, you will need to verify your phone number and the ownership of your website.

Sign up using my referral link here.

If you do signup, drop me a line at with any questions you have and I’ll be give you some pointers to how to make the most out of the network.

Better yet, join my Niche Website Content Challenge group on Facebook.  I will be doing a live Q&A there at least once per week and you can get your questions answered there!


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