Hawaii’s Early Pinterest Champions

Here are five of Hawaii’s Pinterest Champions – organizations that have recently included Pinterest in what they are doing online and that (in my opinion) are using the site well.

Arthritis Foundation – What the Hawaii chapter of the Foundation is doing on on the site in terms of Pinterest as a vehicle to increase awareness of the condition and educate is wonderful.  They’ve posted some really interesting pins on their boards.  My big criticism would be that they have over 150 followers but are only following 6 other accounts.  I think that organizations should follow back anyone that is not spammer — it shows that you care and that you want to engage in a conversation.

Hawaii Pacific University – HPU seems to be just getting started, but is off to a good start.  The University’s boards are well organized and interesting;  While some of these are lacking quantity of pins, if the University can expand on what they are doing on the site it should serve them well.  One specific recommendation for them would be to crowdsource a little bit — both by involving students somehow (maybe a competition?) and also by repinning stuff others on pinterest are pinning relating to the University.

Hawaii Tourism Authority – The online presence of the Hawaii Tourism Authority is exemplary.  For example, the HTA boasts an amazing, compelling website at GoHawaii.com, over 1.1 million likes on Facebook, and more than 15,000 twitter fans.  Overall, they are doing a fantastic job selling the idea of Hawaii and of “sharing aloha.”  Check them out on Pinterest and be prepared to be inspired.

GoHawaii.Com on Pinterest

PBS Hawaii – With nearly 500 pins, PBS Hawaii has been very actively pinning interesting stills from its shows and more.  One thing that impressed me greatly, was that they have been proactive in liking other users’ pins, nearly 1000 likes in total.  This is exactly the kind of active engagement that all organizations should strive for.

UH Manoa Center for Southeast Asian Studies – I must admit I am biased (I manage the Center’s Pinterest account), but I think that we’ve successfully utilized Pinterest to create an interesting and educational resource.  One of our primary goals with Pinterest is to increase awareness of and interest in Southeast Asia and the Center and I think we’re headed in the right direction.

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