Using Social Media to Create Awareness: Five More Tips

If you are a charity or other group,  a politician, or otherwise have a cause or event that you want to generate awareness for, get STOKED on social media.  Use it, love it,  actively participate and engage.

Here are five specific ways to create awareness by optimizing your social media efforts.

1) Yes, we can … with social media.

Check out the video below.While John McCain had a few more than six Facebook friends, it is true Barack had way more going on throughout the social media landscape. He had more friends, more followers, more mentions,  more engagement and more activity by far. Also, see this fascinating, Barack Obama vs. John McCain Social Media & Search Engine Scorecard.  To anyone starting an awareness campaign: study and emulate what the Obama campaign did with social media.

2) Generate Buzz

Social media in the form of communities such as Facebook, microblogs such as twitter, and video sites such as YouTube are the perfect mediums for buzz generation. Also write articles and press releases and submit them to niche, relevant social media venues.

 3) Put a lot of resources into online reputation management

Social media for awareness and reputation management go hand-in-hand.   Manage your organization’s reputation online.  The very act of generating awareness will bring to light your organization’s good, bad and ugly.  See my previous posts for some tips as to the hows of managing your reputation.  Often, just by engaging in social media you will be managing and improving your reputation.

4) Go viral

You might not have George Clooney as your spokesperson, but you can put together something that people want to share with their friends.  Make it interesting, funny, unique, or otherwise worthy of being shared.

Notice in this video that George says nothing of what he was doing in Chad, the problems there, etc.  Just the fact that he was there and being his wacky, charming self was enough to generate substantial buzz about the cause.

5) Educate/inform

Take a look at my social media tips for small business post for some ideas on how to educate/inform with social media to generate buzz.

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